Ocean State Tackle

Ocean State Tackle

Imagine having a fishing day out, and it becomes better if you fill your tackle box with the best baits and fishing gear. The good news is at ocean state tackle and bait shops, you can get great deals on quality fishing reels and rods as well as fishing tackle.

Founded in 2002 by David Henault, a former commercial fisherman, the tackle shop in Rhode island’s leading bait and tackle shop. Ocean state tackle, Ri’s best source for fishing tackle, fishing bait, and RI fishing reports for Narragansett Bay, Mount Hope Bay, South County Beaches, and Block Island.

The tackle shop assists Rhode Island recreational and commercial fishers and books charters for several charter boats. It has been voted as RIs best fishing bait and tackle shop.

Best Striped Bass Lures at Ocean State Tackle

Located in Providence, RI, 430 branch ave has the best baits for striped bass fishing. We specialize in al gags lures, light-out baits, and guppy pencil poppers. We also sell yum dinger worms and a wide variety of worm hooks by Komatsu.

You can get largemouth bass bait like hula poppers by Arbogast lures and jitterbug at ocean state tackle. For Rhode island lunker bass anglers, we sell Gary Yamamoto Senkos at affordable prices. You can also get the largest selection of al-Gag whip it fish and whip its eels for striped bass fishing. Also, the best selection of yo Zuri darters and Daiwa sp minnows.

Ocean state tackle shop specializes in the best selection of striped bass baits and tackles for inshore, surf, and jetty fishing to satisfy new England’s kayak, surf, and boat anglers. You can also get the complete selection of handcrafted wooden pencil poppers and top water baits of 1 ¼ oz to 3 ½ oz by guppy baits, RM smith, and lights out baits.

Regarding Cape cod canal striped bass anglers, we have jigs and soft plastics by Hogy, uncle josh, SPRO, and Ronz. We also have the best special hooks and jig heads for striped bass and largemouth fishing.

Fresh Pogies, Sea Worms & Local Squid New England’s best-handcrafted custom striped bass baits for surf and inshore fishing are also available.

Squid Fishing Lures at Ocean State Tackle

We sell the best lures to squid fishers from Boston, Quincy, Worcester, and cape cod; Massachusetts travels to Rhode Island to jig for squid in a new port and James town.

Ocean state tackle offers them excellent squid jigs from Yamashita and yo Zuri squid jigs. Including the best selection of Egi shutter jigs, mini squid jigs, Yamashita RH, ultra Lazer, and ultra bait squid jigs.

Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing Reels

At ocean estate tackle shops, you can choose from a wide range of standard spinning reels, conventional reels, and baitcasting reels from companies like Shimano, Okuma, Penn reels, Daiwa, accurate & quantum, as well as Abu Garcia reels. We sustain RI’s largest selection of reels with over 100 models in stock.

We have Shimano bait runner and Okuma baits feeder reels for new England freshwater and saltwater fishing inventory. Okuma reels have ingenious and beneficial reels for shore and boat anglers.

Here you can also purchase live bait for freshwater, which includes shiners, trout worms, and freshwater baits sea worms. On the other hand, you can get life, fresh and frozen bait for saltwater fishing.

At Providence, RI’s Saltwater Fishing, the best bait Shop, we offer bait, hooks, rigs, line, leader material, and terminal tackle at the window. Indoor service for rods, reels, and baits is offered on Cash only basis.

We have plenty of fresh and Live Bait and have stocked eels, sea worms, pogies, and shiners for freshwater fishing.

What Fishing Rods Can You Find at Ocean State Tackle Shops?

Being new England’s leading tackle shop,  you will encounter a huge custom rod selection of fishing tackle and rods by St. Croix, Okuma, Penn Fishing, and Tica. We offer different variety of rods, such as;

Surf Fishing Rods

You can have a collection of Lamiglas and St Croix Rods in this category, including the Mojo, Legend, and Triumph surf rods.

Inshore Fishing Rods

Inshore anglers are not left behind; they can select to buy St Croix Triumph, Tidemaster, and Mojo rods. We have the Best Tackle and the largest selection of light tackle rods and reels.

We have fly fishing rods and reels by St. Croix, TFO, Okuma, and Shakespeare.


Fishing Bait and Lines Available at Ocean State Tackle Shops

Having been in business since 2002, we have been serving anglers from Massachusetts, CT, and Rhode Island. We have hundreds of fishing baits for deep sea fishing, surfcasting, trout, and bass fishing.

Ocean state tackle has a huge selection of quality baits for striped bass, prime baits and jigs for albies, and bonito by Hogy baits, daddy mac baits, and joe baggs resin jigs in the northwest.

Ocean State Tackle is also the best bait shop for Salty’s Customs, Outcast baits and Washed Ashore baits, wally’s baits, 9ER’s Umbrellas Rigs, Guppy Lures, and Lights Out baits.

Ocean state tackle is RI’s best bait shop for live Shiners trout worms and night crawlers. Live, fresh & frozen saltwater bait. We also have Fresh Pogies, Sea Worms, New England’s best-handcrafted, custom lures for striped bass, and surf and Al Gag’s Whip-It Fish Lures. Daiwa SP Minnows & Savage Sandeel Lures. We carry Korker wading sandals and have original workers model 1100, Jetty 1100 plus, and K-5000 in stock, as well as waders.

Ocean state tackle carries a wide selection of fishing lines from Berkley, Silver Thread, Power Pro, and others. Surfcasters are not left behind since we have a huge selection of wooden surf plugs by Gibbs lures, stetsko lures, RI poppers, and custom plugs.

At ocean state tackle, we have Penn Combos Ready to fish with braided line, Penn Wrath Combos, Penn Pursuit Combos, Penn Fierce Combos, Penn Spinfisher Combos, and Penn reels tautog and bonito jigs for those who enjoy Penn fishing.

Bottom Line

As an experienced fisherman, charter captain, and amateur angler, visit RI’s best bait store to get the current fishing reports for mount hope bay, Narragansett bay, south county beaches, and block island.

We go out to serve all freshwater and saltwater anglers, novices to pros. We are recognized for quality baits and pack our local squid, clam tongues, and clam bellies and offer fresh brined pogies accordingly. Ocean state tackle provides offshore tackle and chums for tuna and shark fishing.

Ocean State Tackle is RI’s best source for fishing bait, tackle, and RI fishing reports. Call the owner Dave Henault @ 401 226 6626, and you will get the assistance required to make your fishing trip successful.