Newport Rhode Island Fishing Charters

Newport Rhode Island Fishing Charters

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Are you looking for the best Newport RI fishing charters? If you desire excursions of different fishing trip lengths, Newport Rhode Island has your needs well taken care of. In Rhode Island, you are guaranteed to catch a wide variety of fish both inshore and offshore.

You don’t need to be an expert in catching fish to enjoy your Newport RI fishing trips. All you need to do is cough off a few bucks for charter fishing. To ease your search for a fishing charter, we have done I depth research. This article explains everything you need to know about Newport RI fishing charters.

What Fish Can You Catch at Newport Beach?

On your trip day in Narragansett bay, you have a wide range of fish to catch. Here is a list that both beginners and veteran fishermen can catch in different fishing locations in Newport RI:

Blackfish / Tautog 

If you are looking for a bottom-feeding fish, there is no other better option than the blackfish. The local people call refer to it as tautog. It would be best to be prepared for a thrill if you enjoy catching hard-fighting fishing since the tautog always puts up a fight. Nonetheless, the struggle is worth it because tautog is known for its tastiness. If you want to catch healthy Tautog, consider ArchAngle Fishing Charters which is one of the best Tautog fishing charters in Newport Rhode Island.

Ensure the fishing charter you get facilitates a convenient offshore deepwater fishing experience if you are fishing in the winter. On the other hand, individuals hoping to catch the tautog during spring till late fall should consider fishing charters that offer inshore fishing adventures.

All you need to catch a blackish is a fresh bait that you will hook on the bottom.

Striped Bass

Newport Rhode Island fishing trips often reward individuals with striped bass. Newport Rhode Island waters are praised for having one of the most admired migratory fish, the striped bass. Therefore, if your fishing needs include catching fast and strong fish, the striped bass will satisfy your desires.

You don’t have o be worried about your safety as you fish for striped bass since they have no teeth. If you accidentally hook a young fish, you are free to unhook it without safety concerns and return it to harbor waters.

Summer Flounder

If you take a fishing trip today to Newport, Rhode Island, you stand a chance to capture a summer flounder, commonly referred to as the fluke.

The beauty of the summer flounder is magnified by the numerous eye-like spots that are on its body. Therefore, if your fishing trips are geared toward catching attractive fish, a summer flounder will be a magnificent catch.

It is important to note that this fish has extremely sharp teeth, and it’s wise to approach it with caution. The adults have a satisfying two to five pounds weight.


Newport RI fishing charters often offer individuals a chance to catch the weakfish, a slender but large marine fish. You can easily note the weakfish since it has a head and back with a dark brown color. The fish also has a white belly that is easily seen from a distance.

If you are wondering why it is referred to as the weakfish, worry no more. The term weakfish comes from its weak mouth muscles, which make it difficult to fish. Once you have hooked a weakfish, the probability of escaping is high since the hook is likely to tear through its mouth muscles.

On the upside, if you successfully catch a weakfish on your fishing trip, you will enjoy its 20 lbs of fresh flesh with all its rights reserved for you.

Black Sea Bass

The black sea bass is another type of fishing enjoyed by fishing families in Newport, RI. Individuals who don’t refer to it as rockfish, sea bass, black bass, and sometimes the humpback.

A black sea bass grows to twenty-five inches, though the average is eleven to twelve inches.


Tuna fish is another type that most people enjoy catching on their tuna trips. The best part is that a few tuna species range from the Bluefin Tuna to the yellowfin tuna.

You can get other types of fish when you get fishing charters in Newport, Rhode Island the bluefish, and scup, among many others.

Shark fishing is another activity that can engage in your fishing tours. Blue sharks, the mako shark, and thresher sharks are the most common sharks you will get in these waters.

Newport Rhode Island Deep-Sea Fishing Tips

Most people consider deep-sea fishing in Newport, RI, as sport fishing. For this reason, it will help if you have a few tips in mind as you dive in.

First, always be one with nature. Look out for obvious signs such as seagulls circling over specific spots. Such spots are likely to have fish that you can catch with ease.

If you spot Dolphins in a specific area, you stand a bigger chance of catching tuna since they school together. Be warned, however, that you must be careful to void causing any harm to Dolphins.

Reefs are more suitable fishing places. This is because a majority of the smaller fish live on the reef. If you cast your nets here, you will have a considerably big catch.

People who aren’t used to water trips sometimes get motion sickness. If you are one of these people, be sure to take the appropriate medication.

For safety purposes, it would be best to consider having an expert on board. Look for a fishing charter that offers a crew that includes a captain for easier navigation.

Charter Rates

Here are our charges for the various services you get:

Individuals who project to have a half-day experience should be prepared to pay $650.00 for five hours. Our full-day package goes for $950.00 which covers up to eight hours. If you want a sunset cruise around Newport, $450.00 will cover all your needs for the four hours.

Four hours of Lighthouse and Mansion tours will only cost you $450.00. In the Fall months, enjoy full-day tog charters at only $1050.00 for ten to twelve hours.

Block Island charters are $1150.00 for ten to twelve hours while Shark or Tuna fishing charters are $1200.00 for ten to twelve hours.

Between July and December, Codfish charters go for $1100.00.

Wrapping Up

Be sure to use the information you have gotten from this article to ensure you enjoy charter fishing in Newport, Rhode Island. Enjoy the wide range of fish at your disposal in the various spots identified in this article. Finally, ensure you use the tips discussed above if you are interested in deep-sea fishing.

For more information about our fishing charters, be sure to get in touch with us. If you are currently looking for a Rhode Island striper charter, shoot us a message and we will tell you who to go with.