Newport RI Boat Rentals

Newport Rhode Island Boat Rentals

Newport's Rhode Island,

Are you looking for a perfect boat rental in Rhode Island? If you want to have an amazing time in the waters, renting a boat is convenient. You will enjoy the gorgeous view of the beaches, expensively constructed homes of the rich, among other magnificent sights in Newport.

For the East Coast guests looking for an adventure in water sports such as a sailing race, you have your needs well catered for. As you look for boat rentals in Newport, Rhode Island, make sure that you get a boat or yacht charter that will fulfill all your desires.

Here is all the vital boat and yacht rental information you need in Rhode Island.

Age Requirements For Boat Rentals in Newport RI

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If you want to enjoy a boating experience by renting a boat yourself, you need to be at least 18 years old. Some boat rentals in Rhode Island would demand you be at least 21 years old. It is, however, important to note that each boat rental company has its unique age requirements.

For yacht rentals, the age requirements are a little more flexible. This is because yacht charters include a captain. It is the responsibility of the boat’s captain to take care of the passengers in matters of navigation.


In the United States of America, the price of renting a boat varies depending on several factors. You must consider why you are renting a boat or yacht when you are renting a boat. Do you need a motorboat for water sports or are you looking for a sailing boat?

If you are searching for a bigger boat to help you explore the Rhode Island beaches, you will need a few more dollars than when you rent a smaller boat. This is because bigger boats have bigger cabins and require more crew members to facilitate a smoother sailing experience.

If a Rhode Island resident looks for a fishing boat, they will pay less than guests looking for a luxurious boat to tour different places. For the guests looking to save a few bucks on hourly renting, it would be better to rent boats or yachts for a longer duration.

Boat Travel Essentials

You want to enjoy your time in New England and other destinations. For this reason, you need to make sure you pack enough things for your journey. If your trip to the beaches in Rhode Island requires you to have food and drinks, make sure you pack enough.

For the families that bring along their children, you must add water toys to the travel essentials bag before leaving your home. Alternatively, buy a few water toys for your kids if they decide to have their own version of America’s cup.

Your intentions for looking into Rhode Island boat rentals may be fishing. In this case, you will need to pack a fishing rod. If you don’t intend fishing alone, it will help if you buy a couple of fishing rods to ensure no guest is left out of the fishing fun.

It is also advisable to carry a few blankets if you project to spend more than one day in your rented boat, yacht, or catamaran.

Be sure to go through the website of the Rhode Island boat rental company you settle for. Here, you will find information about the provision of bathroom toiletries. Some charters include these sanitation items, but you will need to carry yours if they don’t.

Rules of the Water

Whenever you rent a boat in Rhode Island or any other part of the world, you must inquire about the local laws you need to follow. Some guests fail to ask about these laws and restrictions and end up on the wrong side of the law.

However, one unwritten rule of the water is making the best out of your time in the water. Be sure to wear protective gear if needed and have maximum fun in your rental boats.

Tips For Sailors Interested in Boat Rentals in Newport Rhode Island

As a sailor, it doesn’t matter whether you rent a boat on a boat rental platform or you got it from boat owners; you need a thrilling but safe sailing experience.

If you rent a boat or a catamaran from the Newport RI boat rentals, you will take a trip to various sailing capitals in the United States. You can ride all the way to Narragansett Bay, New England, all over the Aquidneck Island, or any beaches. Use the following tips:

Look For the Right Type of Boat

As you think about boat rentals in Rhode Island, you need to have your limits in mind. Are you in a position to operate a large boat? What is your reason for renting a boat? Why are you visiting boat rentals in Rhode Island? These are some of the questions that you are bound to ask yourself.

If you are going out fishing, get a fishing boat. For the guests looking for an adventure, a luxurious sailing boat will serve you better. Don’t accept a boat rental that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

When you decide to rent a boat for water sports, make sure you get one with enough power to support your water sport of choice.

Check the Boat’s Condition

History has been rewritten, and people are no longer in the gilded age, meaning you can take a tour on the Atlantic coast without fear. However, you must make sure your boat, catamaran, or yacht is in perfect condition for a better sailing experience. You don’t want your family to be stranded on a trip when the boat fails to run, do you? 

Develop a Travel Plan

Everyone wants to enjoy a trip without going through much hassle. As much as it would be fun not to worry as you enjoy the magnificent sights of Rhodes Island, it is advisable to have a travel plan. The plan is an easy way of getting back on track if anything goes opposite of the expected. Also, let a few people in on your travel plan.

As you rent a boat, ask for the contact information of the boat rental company. This will include the rental company’s name, phone number, email address, or other relevant information. Be sure to tell a friend or family member your target tour duration.

If you do not know any residents in the area to do this for you, you can leave your plan and contact information with the rental company or boat rentals in Rhode Island. Alternatively, leave your contact information with the boat owner.

Can You Operate the Vessel?

Renting a boat demands that you understand how to operate it. You can rent a boat even if you don’t know how to operate it if your boat charter includes a crew.

When you feel uncomfortable taking a boat for a spin in the waters without a third party from the boat rental, ask them to provide you with a crew. You can even ask for an operation menu to help you understand the basics.

Operating any vessel in a fleet, you have to understand the rules of navigation. As a boater, you will come across some situations that need you to make a moral or legal decision so that you don’t violate others’ rights.

Without a proper understanding of navigation rules involved in operating a boat, you may find yourself and the people on board in danger.


Rhode Island in Newport is a great place to spend the holidays with family and friends. You will get a chance to have fun, explore, fish, and be engaged in lots of activities. However, make sure you can operate the vessel you pick before you go sailing. Also, look for reading material that will enlighten the team you have on the requirements of being in a boat. If you must share the material, make sure it abides with all rights reserved cover all statement.