Articles by: Capt Mike

Shark Fishing Rhode Island

Shark Fishing Rhode Island This year, we could see a decline in customers in fear of the dreaded Corona-Virus,but it will not stop us from fishing every day. With the summer months coming and the country in a state of uneasy tension we do have one thing to look forward […]

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How to Cook Squid (Calamari)

How to Cook Squid (Calamari) Fresh squid are tasty, they’re fun to catch, they make excellent bait also we must all celebrate this special bounty from the ocean. Loligo pealeii is the Latin name for these delicious small sea monsters. There’s a classic saying about preparing squid: Cook it for […]

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Where is the COD

Rhode Island cod fishing is creating a comeback. A couple of years ago, cod fishing in Rhode Island wasn’t a fruitful proposition to also think about because of the over fishing of the species. During the last several years, cod fishing is effective plenty for both recreational as well as […]

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